Mark’s Story: Life, Death and Reiki

It was a Sunday morning and I was peacefully sleeping in bed, suddenly I was woken by a thudding in my chest. My heart was beating uncomfortably fast and I didn’t know what to do. After an hour of waiting to see if it would calm I was taken to the hospital and directed straight into A&E. Wired up to a machine and attached to a drip I felt like all the life and energy had drained from me. My heart rate had risen to 228bpm and I was becoming more restless and uncomfortable.

The only decision was to sedate me and try the defibrillator to shock my heart rate back to a normal tempo. Luckily after two hours of waiting my heart rate started to drop naturally and I gradually came to a normal pulse.

After another couple of hours and constant monitoring I was released from hospital. The consultants diagnosed that I had contracted a pleurisy type infection on my heart and I need to rest and recover. Whatever virus I had contracted the next few months were the most difficult and painful part of my life I had known up until this point. Little did I know that it would last for a good few years.

I was then diagnosed with arrhythmia and told that I would have it for the rest of my life, I should keep a diary of times it happened and take a life-time course of medication.

A few years later I found myself in the hospital again and it seemed to be getting worse. After a near death experience I started to take my own recovery and health into my own hands. I decided to not take any of the medication advised and I started to research other alternatives.

I found a company called Allicin International Limited, this company make a natural and 100% stabilised Allicin. Allicin is the natural compound found in garlic and helps to fight so many viral and infections in the body. By taking a period of these capsules, they helped me to go from a bed ridden painful virus to feeling good again.

After this I knew I also need to be more hands-on and caring with my health and so I also started to research many different holistic and therapeutic practices. I explored yoga, tai chi and qigong. After much searching for the right approach I found qigong to be the most beneficial at that moment in time. I started off gently and gradually grew with my practice.

For those that don’t know what qigong is, qigong is a traditional Chinese health practice that uses the body movement, breath, intention and mindfulness to balance the body and work with the energy known as Qi, pronounced Chee, also written as Chi in English.

After 6 months of Qigong I could feel a difference, my body and health was becoming stronger, after another 6 months I noticed I had lost some weight and could feel the strength in my lungs and cardiovascular system, after another 6 months I knew that this was an excellent system and practice to continue. I practiced daily and still do to this day.

After some time I could see a vast improvement in my physical health but I still felt emotionally and mentally drained and restless at times.

I’ve been interested in Japanese culture for many years now and I had heard Reiki mentioned now and again but when I briefly looked at what people were doing with it, it never seemed to appeal to me. Then one day I searched for Japanese Reiki Practitioners and I was directed to a warm, friendly and caring reiki teacher.

This was the next step on my health and healing journey. After my Shoden beginner training I could feel another change about to take place in me. It took me a few months of restlessness and turmoil to find my balance again, but it was definitely needed to move me on towards a calmer period in my life. This was a good feeling and one that I now have many of.

For me, reiki is a beautiful and peaceful practice and way of living. It compliments my past experience of Tai Chi and Qigong but develops a subtler understanding of energy / Ki. In Japanese the word Qi is translated as Ki. The more I researched, studied and practiced Reiki the more I started to learn about myself, health and healing. I knew that this was the direction I wanted to develop myself as a human but also as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher.

When looking back at my past illness and health I can truly say that all of the facades were not fully functioning. Reiki helped me to find tranquillity in an often difficult world, but most importantly it helped me to understand how you can take charge of and change your health for the better.

I wanted to share my story but also help others overcome their personal healing journey, and also given them the power to find the proactive approach to their own health and wellness.

Be well, Be Reiki