Reiki Treatments in Staffordshire

The Gokai Way offers the following Reiki Mind and Body Reiki Treatments across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.

You may experience all or some of the following techniques during your reiki sessions. They derive from the Japanese Reiki system.

Reiki Treatments

  • Reiki RyohoHands on Healing – This is the method of healing often known as Reiki. This practice may be used for a physical condition such as Body Injuries but it is also just as beneficial for Stress, Anxiety, and mental health etc… Reiki is very much a personal experience and every client experiences reiki in different ways. But, the great thing about reiki is its flexible approach and method, it can offer and help so many different people in a very unobtrusive and holistic way.
  • Byosen Chiryo Ho – Body Scanning Method. – With this method the Reiki Practitioner senses the imbalances across the participants body and uses a method similar to scanning the body for problem areas, disease or illness.
  • Nentatsu HoDetoxification Method – This treatment may help with symptoms such as flus, fever and inflammation. It may also help with side effects from medication or chemotherapy.
  • Heso Chiryo HoNavel Treatment Method – A great technique to help promote more energy, balance and relaxation. It may also be used for treatments of cancer, fungal infections and viral infections.
  • Seiheki Chiryo HoPsychological & Mental Health Method. – It focuses energy at the head region and is of benefit to maintaining mental health. It may be of benefit to unwanted habits and addictions.
  • Uchite Chiryo HoPatting Method. – This helps to stimulate the numbness and dullness of the body by patting upon the area with moderately strong pats. This not only stimulates the surface of the body but also penetrates deeper into the body activating and stimulating cells.
  • Nadete Chiryo HoStroking Method. The Practitioners hands may move up and down the body or in circles. This technique will also accelerate energy flow in the body.
  • Ketsueki Kokan HoBlood Exchange Method. This is a technique using the fingers and hands to stimulate energy within the body and down the spine and legs. Don’t worry it does not include anything to do with blood taking. The method relates to, helping the blood and body detox, also good for stroke victims, or diseases of the metabolism.
  • Enkaku Chiryo HoDistance Reiki Treatment. This treatment works on the same principle as reiki ryoho but is aimed at treating participants over a distance. Participants could be in the next room, building, city or country. As all life-force energy or Ki is interconnected this treatment works on the principle of connection and sharing. This method of treatment may be the hardest technique for Western people to understand or believe. But, I usually crudely explain it as so – if you place a class of water at one end of a table, and you slam your hand on the other end of the table, the water in the glass will often make a ripple effect. Even though you hand as not directly touched the water or glass the energy connects the two having a cause and effect. Any of the above conditions may be treated using distance reiki.

Sessions may last between 30 – 90 minutes depending on individual needs and the treatment. A sliding price scale may be agreed for unemployed and low earners.

Reiki Treatments are available as mobile home visits or can also be organised at your workplace through your employer.