The Art of Chi Kung

This is the third book I have read by Wong Kiew Kit on the subject of Qigong, energy and martial arts. This book does cover subjects and topics similar to his other books although you won’t find as much martial arts in this book and it focuses more on the area of ‘energy’.

I must admit, the age old saying of – never judge a book by its cover, is a very pleasing thing to do with this book design. I like how it evokes a fresh, natural and free-flowing appearance to the cover design. It instantly says health, wealth and wellbeing!

There are 6 parts to this book and in total it contains 21 chapters. The main parts include – 1. The History, Philosophy and Scope of Chi Kung 2. Chi Kung for Health and Longevity 3. Vitality for Sport, Sex and Youthfulness 4. The Internal Force of Martial Arts 5. The Training of the Wonderful Mind and 6. The supreme achievement of chi kung.

I do like Wong’s publications as they are so often written with firsthand experience or relayed with his students and friends stories. I also like how Wong doesn’t fill the book with vast amounts of techniques but concentrates on detail and highlights the importance of quality over quantity.

In saying that, I feel one of the most easiest yet powerful Qigong techniques is written within this book – Lifting The Sky. This technique can be also found in some of Kits other books but it is a good starting point for beginners to learn.

As he so clearly states – ‘Chi Kung is an experience, not just a gathering of knowledge’. But throughout this book he gathers his knowledge and shares his experience with great clarity and structure.

Most people ask me what books are good to read on the subject of energy and Qigong / Chi Kung, I usually give this one as a good starting point to help understand the basics and further your practical learning in classes or workshops.

I feel this book is not only a book on how to learn and experience energy, it is also full of energy that goes from teacher, to student, to experience, and finally to feeling.

It’s a feel good book, on so many different levels.

Title: Making the Most of Your Vital Energy: The Art of Chi Kung

By: Wong Kiew Kit

Published by: Cosmos Press

ISBN: 9789834087944