Hello, I’m Mark Brereton and i’ve been an active practitioner of Japanese and Chinese arts since 1990. I was first introduced to Japanese culture and Martial Arts aged 7 when my father took me along to a local Judo School. Some years later i became reignited with the Japanese Arts  when i bought my first book on the Ninja from a local book store. The book contained the most beautiful color prints I had seen at that time. From then on my journey started in 1991 practicing Martial Arts such as Lau Gar Gongfu and moving onto Ju Jutsu, Taekwondo, and Shorin Ryu and finally settling with Wado Karate. Later, in the early 2000’s i started to practice Yoga, Tai Chi and Nyingma Buddhism.

From then on i have explored, researched and studied a mixture of Far East Arts including – Calligraphy, Printmaking, Fine Arts, and many various Japanese Arts, I then specialized in energy arts and now work as a professional Holistic Health Arts & Visual Arts Practitioner. Some of the arts i practice include – Reiki, Kiko Jutsu, Kyusho Massage, Ikebana Floral Arts, Karatedo, Iaido, Buddhism and Meditation are what I now practice and offer to a growing client base. My visual arts practice is inspired by Bokusho abstract Shodo – Way of the Brush, and i create large canvas paintings that have emotional connection with my life/work/practice.

I originally trained as a graphic designer and fine artist and lectured in Graphic Design and Fine Art at Staffordshire University and the University of the Arts London. Due to ill health and stress i left the academic world and needed to heal myself from a long history of arrhythmia and pleurisy.

Laying on the A&E hospital bed low in energy, restless and my heart beating at a rate of 228bpm the arrhythmia and my heart had told me to stop and listen. From this near death experience and lengthy healing period, i now listen to my heart very carefully, and i can honestly say i put my heart into my health and life.

Some of the people I have collaborated with include – University of the Arts London, Design Council, Korea Contemporary Arts, British Ceramic Biennial Festival, Saatchi Gallery, London Commonwealth Institute, AN Network, V&A Museum, Routledge Publishers, Res Festival California,  Quaratine Theatre Co, Ignite, STEMNET, Arts Council, Staffordshire University, RESFest, D&AD, Dudson Group, Longhouse, Jane’s Walk, thames & Hudson Publishers, Sandwell Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Pecha Kucha, Keele University, Appetite, Bare Health, Healing Hands Network, Distance Healing Network, Age UK, Yogi Smith and Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Some of my past / current roles and achievements include – University Lecturer, Creative Editor, Art Director, Creative Mentor, and currently Holistic Health & Visual Arts Practitioner.

A few of my qualifications include – MA, BA Hons, BTEC ND, GNVQ, Dip IHM | Cert Yoga Teacher 200Hrs | Cert Qigong & Tai Chi Teacher | Kiko Jutsu Shihan Cert | Anma Massage Therapist Practitioner | Reiki Shoden, Chuden, Okuden and Shinpiden Reiki Teacher Cert | Karatedo 3rd Kyu | Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate | Professional Public & Indemnity Insurance | First Aid Cert

Memberships & Affiliations include: Shibumi International Reiki Association | Federation of Holistic Therapists | Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai | The Healing Hands Network | Kyusho International | Japanese Yoga Foundation | The Buddhist Society | Ikebana Ohara Ryu

Thanks to: In no particular order I would like to thank a collection of teachers that have helped, guided and inspired me with my practice over the years – Shi Xinggui, John Lovatt, Wong Kiew Kit, Peter Tam-Hoy, Sam Hing Fai Chan, Taggart King, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Doi, Kai Ying Tung, Chris Marsh, Hideki Takei, Bob Parkinson, Simon Bailey, Frank Brownsword, Frans Stiene, Zhang Yuxuan, Byron Zhang, Jesse Tsao, Vicki Shields, and Gary Lam.