Meisō is translated to mean – Meditation, and The Gokai Way offers the following meditation practice found below. Some are traditional methods and some are a more modern approach adapted to certain situations, environments and themes.

  • Kinhin – Walking Meditation.
  • Zazen – Seated Meditation.
  • Joshin Kokyu Ho – Mind and Breath Meditation.
  • Seishin Toitsu – Mental Concentration Meditation. These may also be combined with Jumon – Mantras, and Shirushi – Symbols.
  • Kodo – The Way of Incense. Meditation using aromas and fragrance.

Throughout the above main meditation topics, there are many different variations and approaches you may take. Through experience and practice you will find your own approach that you feel comfortable with. This will then help to sustain a regular practice and continue to explore throughout your life.

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular and recognised by medical and scientific research as an excellent benefit to mind and body health. You may be looking for a healing practice, or exploring your spiritual development, or perhaps searching for a deeper inner peace and serenity of oneself. Whatever your aim and goals The Gokai Way and Mark will help to guide you through your practice and beyond.